Appraisal requirements are changing

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For the better! Finally, some common sense is coming back into the marketplace. Previously, if your appraisal was older than 90 days old you were required to pay for another one. That was a waste of $450 and up, but now lenders are accepting updated versions of the same appraisals if there was no material change in value or condition. This not only saves ally of time it also saves money. If your loan is taking longer than expected and your appraisal is about to expire ask your mortgage professional if instead of getting a new appraisal g tying an update. Try it, it may...

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How to close your mortgage quickly

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There area lot of misconceptions about how long it will take for you to close your purchase or refinance mortgage. In some cases it’s 45 days in others it’s 60 days and then there is the 14 day or 21 day closing. What usually takes the longest is the customers ability to deliver accurate documents in a timely fashion. I attempt to extract as much documentation as quickly as I can, but there are still clients that wait days and even weeks to delivery such documents. The longer you wait the more backed up traffic becomes in the mortgage world. So a word to the wise is to get everything over to your loan officer as soon as possible to expedite your...

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The importance of using an experienced mortgage loan officer.

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This story comes about as a cautionary tale to anybody thinking that all loan officers are built the same. The goal of this post is to explain the true difference an experienced, thorough loan officer can make on your loan. In fact it could be the difference between an approval and a denial. A case in point is a client who came to me a week ago with a ton of stress and two lenders who just couldn’t figure out how to get his loan approved. I was able to structure his loan so that it met all underwriting guidelines at the best possible terms. All things being similar as a matter of good service the most important tools I have at my disposal are as follows: • a lot of underwriting knowledge • ability to properly structure a loan • be a good listener As a client, what you want, and what you should demand is attention and service. Without the proper amount of experience, patience, and ability your loan officer will not know how to get your mortgage approved. Now, everybody needs to start somewhere but do you honestly want your biggest investment you will ever make be somebody’s trial and error?? The answer is heck no! Would you go to an intern to operate on you?? So when shopping for a mortgage always ask for a resume and how long the lender has actually been in the business. You can always go to <a href="http://mortgage.nationwidelicensingsystem" and look up by their NMLS number and it will tell you all you need to know of their...

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580 credit score mortgages

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Since the housing crash of 2008 we have seen mortgage credit tighten up beyond anyone’s imagination. The good news as of late is that credit has began to loosen up to the point that we are announcing a new fha mortgage program with a credit score as low as 580 to qualify. Considering all other factors being equal this is a big step forward at reaching out to new buyers.

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Reverse mortgage facts

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If your a senior over the age of 62 and own your home than you have probably heard of a reverse mortgage or have been cold called from somebody trying to give sell you one. There are a lot of misconceptions and misnomers about this mortgage. First, it’s an incredible financial tool if used correctly and can save you money as well as make you money, let me explain. How a reverse mortgage can make you money is very simple. If you use your new reverse mortgage as a means of income and delay the collection of social security benefits your award from social security increase significantly. If your scheduled to collect $1500 per month in social security benefits at age 62 but defer to age 70 your award can be as great as $1950 per month. That’s a life changing difference when factoring a fixed income scenario. You can also use a reverse mortgage to buy a home and what that empowers you to do is continue to live in which your accustomed to and keep cash reserves on hand to use for whatever reason you want. Since a reverse mortgage requires that you receive third party counseling to ensure you understand it and know your options I consider it one of the safest and most straightforward products that seniors have...

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Poor credit mortgages

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While it’s not easy to obtain a mortgage with less than perfect credit, it is very possible. Our minimum credit score for some of our programs is 580 and most times it’s not hard to get there. The first thing you have to realize is no matter how much money you have for a down payment no lender will approve your loan with outstanding charge offs and/or collections with balances. Second, if your bad credit out weighs your good credit you have to tip the scales so that the good out weighs the bad. In order to so this quickly you should get a secured credit card and make sure it reports to all three bureaus. I will recommend Capitol one or Amex for these and use it immediately for purchases. The other thing to do is obtain letters of credit from your current utility and cellphone companies so we add them to your credit. With these simple tasks your credit looks a lot more appealing to an underwriter making your mortgage more appealing to...

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How to be mortgage ready

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What is mortgage ready, you ask. It’s a term I like to use to say that all your ducks are in a row and you are bullet proof to all of the scrutiny you will be going under getting approved for your dream home. The first thing is to make sure you have no outstanding collection accounts on your credit report. If you do, they must be paid off with a letter to that fact. Second is your bank statements and the deposits going into it. Believe it or not lenders care more about where your deposit money is coming from than ever before. Whenever you have a deposit you must show a source of that where that money came from, that’s called sourcing funds and is a major deal to lenders. If you are the type to make cash deposits than you will have to curtail that activity for a minimum of 60 days and only deposit money you can back up its source like direct deposit of a paycheck or a birthday gift from the parents. Third, but not last is having a good handle on all of your pertinent and recent paperwork like tax returns, paystubs, and bank statements. If you have these documents at your disposal than it will be a much less stressful transaction for you. Either way, if you contact an experienced mortgage professional we can guide you down the right path from the beginning. If you have any questions feel free to contact...

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Rent to own mortgages

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In today’s tight credit market rent to own is becoming an ever growing trend. What a lot I people don’t understand that in certain cases like fha mortgages you cannot currently occupy your future purchase as a tenant. Today’s rent to own prospects are not as plentiful and they used to be but they are still out there. The way they typically work is that whoever the owner is charges a certain rental rate and in return gives the tenant a credit of a specified dollar amount for the rental period giving the tenant a built up down payment. One important fact to consider if you end up as a tenant in that situation, by all underwriting rules, the landlord is only allowed to give you monthly credit above and beyond whatever fair market value is for the rental. For example, the market value for a condo your renting to own is $1200 and your rent is $1250, the bank will only count $50 per month as down payment money. Always consult your mortgage consultant before entering into a rent to own...

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A.R.M vs fixed rate mortgage

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So, the age old question, do I get an adjustable rate mortgage or fixed rate mortgage? Quite a few years ago, 2005, arms were as popular if not more than fixed rate mortgages and the main reason was there was such a massive margin between them that even a loan amount of $200,000 would have such vast savings they were hard to resist. Now, that difference is virtually erased, and in some cases 7/1 arms are higher in rate than their fixed counterparts. In that case you obviously never go with an adjustable, but when should you go with an arm? Typically your arm buyer is in need of a jumbo, super jumbo, or specialty loan that will make the rate difference substantial enough to incur the risk. The rule of thumb I like to use is that if the savings is not 15% of the principal and interest payment than it’s not worth the risk. With that being said if you know definitely, without a shadow of a doubt that you will be selling the property or paying it off within the fixed time period of the loan always got the fixed rate. Life is always evolving and changing and the fixed rate option is a constant so peace of mind is factor #1. In some cases such as construction loans, or home equity loans there are no fixed rate options so that decision is easy since you really don’t have that option. You can always visit my site for more information on arms....

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Zero down mortgages and what they are

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Zero down mortgages and what they are

Since the great crash of 2008 alot of people have assumed that zero down mortgages no longer exist. Well, that information is incorrect and I will show you the products that are still available with zero down payment requirement. The first product is called a VA loan and the only borrowers that are eligible are Veterans of the armed forces and must have served with credentials to match. The second product is called a USDA mortgage and that has specific guidelines for location and income levels. This loan was enacted to help people who wanted to live in rural areas of the country but found it hard to obtain financing because of the property type. The restrictions dont stop at the property, they also take into consideration the number of people in the household as well as the annual income coming into that household as well.   Please contact a local mortgage professional for more information on either of these...

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